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The End of Humanity

Writer’s Note: Um a lot of what I am about to say may not seem related, long, boring and even gibberishly paranoid… But then again we must all speak what’s in our hearts… Uncouth, barbaric, narcissistic, selfish, uncivilized… Oh wait, before you ask, I am writing my own definition of the most advanced higher beings … Continue reading

Pessimism – a disease?

By Mahjabeen Memon When we speak of the word Pessimism, we mean just looking at the dark side of more or less everything. This attitude is ruinous, not only for that particular person, but for the society. Even though we are often optimistic, as we keep on saying; at times we do get pessimistic. Having … Continue reading

The Other Side of the Coin

By Rohaan Ahsen This is a video I made for our university’s annual Talent Show, and it is aimed at the protest conducted by young doctors previously, as well as the fake medicine issue. I also feel it is more appropriate posted here at this blog. While this short film is purely fictitious, it is … Continue reading

Eunuchs – A neglected chapter of our society

by Talal Raza We live in a country where even men and women have to fight for their rights. Yet it seems a bit ironic to write something on the rights of 100,000 Eunuchs, better known as “Khawaja Sirahs”, who weren’t even recognized as transgender for 65 years. In our society, it has been happening … Continue reading

Anesthetized, much?

By Anas Shafqat Be it suicide bombings, or brutal massacres, or inhumane acts – almost nothing  affects us now. An extremely long needle of indifference has effectively blocked out our sense of sympathy; just alike anesthesia, that numbs senses into submission, indifference has numbed any compassion that might have had the temerity to reside in … Continue reading

Read, Learn and Educate

Well, hallelujah the crazy whack job is back again to rant his heart out… So dear children, the topics that have aroused my fury is well the morons who waste half their lives getting educated, yet have no real knowledge of what they have learnt. Confused? Well, I am talking about the morons who study … Continue reading

Marriage – for our ego and society!

By Mahnoor Munaf Marriage is an important part of our society but what I do not understand is that why has it become the only and the most important part of it. I do not understand why people of Pakistan are so psyched about marriage all the time! It’s not like the only thing in … Continue reading

Into the Life of an Enigma

By Zeeshan Ahmed During a recent visit to a city, which I cannot name, I had the chance of meeting one of the greatest personalities ever to have roamed aimlessly on this planet. Due to some pretty amazing problems, we cannot use his name here. He will referred to as Z.H, throughout the post. As … Continue reading